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SightLife Classroom courses are held at regional conferences and partner facilities around the world.

Attend a SightLife Classroom session for in-person instruction and hands-on training.  You can choose between longer, in-depth courses that offer a professional certification; or shorter workshops for introducing new skills or refreshing existing ones.

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Upcoming Events

On-Going Events: Beginner Eye Donation Counselling Classroom

On-Going Events: Beginner Eye Recovery Classroom 

On-Going Events: Beginner Tissue Evaluation Classroom 

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SightLife Classroom Courses

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Eye Recovery Training

Hands-on, practical training covering the essentials of Aseptic Technique, Medical Screening, Donor Exams, and Surgical Recovery Techniques.  Courses vary between 1-day workshops and 10-day certification courses, for both Beginner and Advanced levels.

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Eye Donation CounseLling Training

Interactive training to develop counselling & communication skills through role-play and direct coaching from industry experts.  The course outcomes include skills to improve consent rate and to handle difficult situations confidently.  SightLife offers courses for both Beginner and Advanced Eye Donation Counselling.

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Tissue Evaluation Training

Hands-on training for tissue evaluations using specular and slit lamp microscopes.  The goal of this course is to equip you with the skills to accurately grade corneas and utilize every tissue possible.  SightLife offers workshops and full courses, for both Beginner and Advanced levels.


+ Where can I find information about upcoming SightLife Classroom courses?

Click here to view upcoming SightLife Classroom events, or contact us at if you do not find a session listed that works for you.

+ Can I request a training session that is not yet scheduled?

Yes, contact us at to discuss options for courses that are not yet on the schedule.

+ What is the cost of attending at SightLife Classroom?

The cost varies per course, based on length and supplies. Contact us at for more information about the session that interests you.

+ I want to learn, but cannot attend a SightLife Classroom right now. How else can I improve my skills?

Enroll for a free account on SightLife Online, where you can find e-learning courses, videos, and mentors who can coach you on what you want to learn.