SightLife Conference is an eye banking professional training and development conference, offering advanced interactive training sessions on skills such as donor family counseling, cornea recovery, industry standards, business management, and more.  

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On-Going Events: Beginner Eye Donation Counselling Classroom

On-Going Events: Beginner Eye Recovery Classroom 

On-Going Events: Beginner Tissue Evaluation Classroom 

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SightLife Conference

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Hands-On Technical Training

SightLife Conference offers lectures and technical training for various roles and levels.  The sessions are facilitated by international experts and designed to be practical and interesting for participants.  Leadership and soft skills are practiced in collaborative group sessions.

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SightLife Conference offers technical certifications for various roles, including Eye Recovery, Eye Donation Counselling, and Tissue Evaluation.  The certification assessment follows in-depth lecture and hands-on practice.  Depending on the program and level, the certification may require previous experience.

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leadership development

Leaders meet to share and discuss specific global challenges and opportunities, and to develop action plans to address them.

SightReady Delhi 2017

International Expert Instructors

International Expert Instructors

Eye Donation Counsellor Trainees

Eye Donation Counsellor Trainees

Certified Eye Recovery Technicians

Certified Eye Recovery Technicians

Thanks to all who participated in the first Conference in New Delhi in Oct 2017.

Participants from 35 different organizations from Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Nepal, Sri Lanka and as far as Mexico and the USA came together for technical training and certification, networking, and strategic planning!

Built and delivered by SightLife and the Eye Bank Association of India, and sponsored by Allergan, 128 learners and 22 leaders, program managers, partner account managers, facilitators and trainers attended the 3-day event.

Twenty-four Eye Donation Counsellors and nineteen Eye Recovery Technicians received their certification.



+ What is a SightLife Conference?

SightLife Conferences are eye bank professional training and development conferences. These conferences focus on eye bank roles knowledge and skills; and bring experienced guest speakers and trainers from around the world.

SightLife Conferences aren't just about being at the conference. The experience includes: 1) online pre-conference training courses and discussions on SightLife Online, 2) at-conference interactive and hands-on training and assessment-based certification, and 3) networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders.

+ When is the next SightLife Conference?

The next SightLife Conference is TBD. Subscribe through the form on this page to receive updates.

+ What is the cost of attending a SightLife Conference?

The cost to attend a SightLife Conference depends on the event. Subscribe through the form on this page to receive event-specific updates as they are released.

+ I want to learn, but cannot attend a SightLife Conference right now. How else can I improve my skills?

Enroll for a free account on SightLife Online, where you can find e-learning courses, videos, and mentors who can coach you on what you want to learn.