Thank you to all who participated in and attended the first SightReady Conference 2017 in New Delhi. Keep checking back here and our Facebook page for updates on future conferences, workshops, and offerings.
Brought to you by SightLife and the Eye Bank Association of India, the conference develops eye bank professional roles including Eye Donation Counselors, Eye Recovery Technicians, Eye Bank Managers, Medical Directors, and Board of Directors.

SightReady is designed to efficiently and effectively develop eye bank professionals as we work towards eliminating corneal blindness by 2040.

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The Venue: Vivanta by TAJ

Venue Information:

Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka, New Delhi
Where business and luxury unite, in an experience like no other!

Meals will be provided during scheduled conference hours at the venue.

Sector 21 Metro Station Complex

New Delhi,  Delhi - 110075  INDIA
+91 11 66003000



Role-Specific Tracks

Experienced industry speakers and trainers from around the world will present on role-specific topics and will run optional assessment-based certification courses for those attending the Eye Donation Counselor and Eye Recovery Technician tracks.

Eye Donation Counselor Beginner.JPG

Eye Donation Counselor (EDC) – Beginner

The EDC track for beginning levels is designed to increase knowledge level, develop counseling skills, practice role-playing, receive direct coaching from industry experts, improve consent rate, and receive training on formal and documented feedback. This Beginner EDC track is intended for EDCs with up to 1 year of experience. 

Eye Donation Counselor Advanced.jpg

Eye Donation Counselor (EDC) – Advanced

The EDC track for advanced levels is designed to improve conversation capabilities, understand HCRP structure and capabilities, develop leadership skills, and glean best practices in knowledge-transfer skills. This Advanced EDC track is intended for those with more than 1 year of experience. Attendees will have the option of earning their assessment-based certification while onsite at SightReady.

Photo: © 2015 Paul Joseph Brown

Eye Recovery Technician (ERT)

The ERT track will help develop and improve ERT skills to align with best practices for successful recovery of corneal tissue using meticulous aseptic and surgicaltechniques to provide the highest quality corneas for transplant. This ERT Track is intended for those with at least 2-6 months of experience. Hands-on labs will be provided. Attendees will have the option of earning their assessment-based certification while onsite at SightReady.


Eye Bank Manager.jpg

Eye Bank Manager (EBM)

In the fast-paced world of eye banking, leadership have broad responsibilities over their eye banking ecosystem which can be daunting and complicated. A detailed and interactive look at the EBMs' critical role in the global mission of eliminating corneal blindness and understanding the depths of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) will establish the foundation for this track. Topics will include next-generation HCRP development, robust team leadership, policy change workshops, project management and business rhythm development, all designed to correlate with advancing your CMM levels – and your eye bank.


Medical Director (MD)

Medical Directors are required to balance regulatory pressures with clinical best practices and must be able to effectively implement policies and procedures while also managing staff expectations and overseeing patient care. Additionally, Medical Directors act as a liaison between medical personnel and facility administrators. In this track we’ll cover detailed decision-making of contraindication acceptable tolerances, what’s in / what’s out, and improved slit lamp evaluations, comparisons and learning. Time will also be spent learning about the technical and business role evolution and expectations of the Medical Director role.

Photo: © 2015 Paul Joseph Brown

Board Member (BRD)

Boards of Directors must have a deep understanding of the mission, strategy, and role their hospital and eye bank has in the cornea ecosystem. This track will focus on tenants of an effective board, your role in navigating the cornea ecosystem, theory of policy change and advocacy tools, and the importance of partnerships and role clarity. Interactive time will be spent evaluating the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) – a methodology used around the world for sustainable growth across your resources – and validating established levels and criteria for advancement.

SightReady Keynote:

6 October

Facilitated panel discussion with Eye Bank Association leaders from several countries.


Eye Bank Association Leadership Forum:


BY INVITATION ONLY: Leaders will meet to share and discuss specific global challenges and opportunities, and to develop action plans to address them. Representatives from eye bank associations from India, Mexico, and China are expected to attend.

Join us for a celebration gala on the evening of 6 October!


What is SightReady?

SightReady Conference 2017 is an Eye Bank professional training and development conference. The conference focuses on Eye Bank roles and the knowledge and skills required to optimally perform. The conference brings in experienced guest speakers and trainers in the industry from around the world.

SightReady isn’t just about being *at* the conference. The experience includes: 1) online pre-conference training courses and resources, 2) at-conference interactive and hands-on training, and the opportunity for assessment-based certification, and 3) networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders.

Who should attend SightReady?

Advanced interactive training sessions and certifications will be offered for the following role types: *

  • Eye Donation Counselors* – role-playing interactive consulting skills
  • Eye Recovery Technicians* – practical hands-on technical training and recovery skills
  • Eye Bank Managers – eye bank business management
  • Medical Directors - best practices and knowledge transfer
  • Eye Bank Board Members – strategy and process

If you are responsible for more than one role, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate the agenda prior to SightReady to select the sessions that best meet your needs.

What will be covered at SightReady?

SightReady offers skills and business development tracks designed by role-type. Certification assessments are also offered.

Which certification assessments will be offered?

Certification assessments for Eye Donation Counselors and Eye Recovery Technicians.

Why should I attend SightReady?

Industry studies have shown that when people are given deep, applicable skills development, the return on that investment shows up in improved business productivity, increased efficiencies and higher quality, which translates to more revenue for the business, and a higher retention rate in happier employees.

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