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Upcoming Events

June 2018: Eye Bank Management Webinar: Recruiting and Hiring for Eye Bank Functional Roles

On-Going Events: Beginner Eye Donation Counselling Classroom

On-Going Events: Beginner Eye Recovery Classroom 

On-Going Events: Beginner Tissue Evaluation Classroom 

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Courses Available on SightLife Online

+ Eye Banking Basics Course

Introduction to eye banking operations for new staff.
Sections Include:

Overview of the Eye Donation Process

Introduction to Eye Anatomy

The Layers of the Cornea

Common Causes of Corneal Blindness

Types of Corneal Transplant Surgeries

Time to Complete: 90 minutes Level: Beginner

+ Eye Donation Counseling Course

Presents the basic knowledge required for professional Eye Donation Counselors. Sections Include:

Overview of the Role and Responsibilities of an Eye Donation Counselor

EDC Code of Conduct

Time to Complete: 30 minutes Level: Beginner

+ Eye Recovery I: Introduction and Non-Sterile Procedures

Sections Include:

Overview of the Eye Recovery Process

Donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Recovery Site Preparation

Time to Complete: 75 minutes Level: Beginner

+ Eye Recovery II: Examining and Preparing the Donor

Sections Include:

Examining the Donor - Physical

Examining the Donor - Ocular

Preparing the Donor

Time to Complete: 60 minutes Level: Beginner


+ Eye Recovery III: Sterile Preparation

Sections Include:

Aseptic Technique Fundamentals

Sterile Glove Preparation Video

Surgical Scrub Process

Donning Sterile Gloves

Arranging Sterile Instruments Video

Time to Complete: 90 minutes Level: Beginner

ERT IV.png

+ Eye Recovery IV: In-Situ Cornea Recovery and Clean-Up

Sections Include:

In-Situ Corneal Recovery Video

Recovery Site Clean-Up Video

Packing Corneas for Transport Video

Time to Complete: 40 minutes Level: Beginner

Medical Screening.jpg

+ Introduction to Medical Screening

Sections Include:

Introduction to Medical Records

Contraindications for Transplant

Hemodilution Assessment

Time to Complete: 60 minutes Level: Beginner-Intermediate

SightLife Online Webinars


‘Do You See What I See?’: Advanced Slit Lamp Webinar Series

Join these 1-hour live slit lamping tissue evaluations with interactive guidance and coaching.  Previous recordings available on SightLife Online.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

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Eye Bank Business Management Webinar Series

Join these conversations on eye bank management topics across people management and coaching, rhythm of business, HCRP, stakeholder engagement.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

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Eye Bank Manager Roundtables

Bringing together eye bank managers from around the world in a small-group networking session to discuss top-of-mind topics.

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Other Resources Available on SightLife Online

Submit Your Mock Recovery or Donation Discussion Videos for Peer Feedback

Eye Bank Facility and Equipment Guidance Documentation

Eye Bank Management Resources and Community

Hospital Services and Partnerships


+ What is SightLife Online?

SightLife Online is an online learning community designed for eye bankers like you. It’s full of eye banking information and training, plus other community members who also want to learn.

+ How can I join SightLife Online?

Go to to apply for a free account. It’s that simple!

+ Who is on SightLife Online?

The SightLife Online community includes eye bankers of all skill levels, who encourage and coach each other. Everyone is on SightLife Online for the same reasons: to improve their own skills and to help other eye bankers across the industry.

+ What type of content will I find on SightLife Online?

You can enroll in formal e-learning courses and find informal resources such as webinars, articles, and job aids.
You can review videos submitted by other community members — such as mock eye recoveries and donation discussions — and read and submit comments on their techniques.
You can join discussions, ask questions of experts and other members of the community, and answer the questions that others post.

+ When is new content released?

Between webinars, uploaded content, new discussions… You’ll find that new content is released frequently on SightLife Online. Check back often to find what is new!